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Oct 8, 2012 11:00am PDT
. >>> congressional committee warning government agencies and private industry avoid doing business with china's two leading tech firms. the report warns that the companies pose major security threat to the u.s.. year long investigation found the companies are influenced by the chinese government and the telecommunications gear they sell may be compromise. -- may be compromised. >>> ample could be gearing up for a huge launch of ipad mini. "wall street journal" reports the company has asked suppliers to make more than 10 million, double the number amazon ordered for the kindle fire. apple said to be planning on october 17th, launch event. >>> if you missed events this weekend you have within more chance today. >>> plus, -- record breaking numbers on bay area mass transit. that's the >>> on katie, is heaven real. . then at 4:00, money saving myth the best time to get biggest holiday deals. then at 5, angry birds about to enter a galaxy far, far way those stories and more at 4 and 5. >>> fleet week wraps up today with tours of ships from the navy, coast guard and royal canadian navy. the uss makin isl
Oct 12, 2012 11:00am PDT
on without drivers stepping on the pedal that covers nearly 88,000 pilots from the 2005 model. the government and honda have received hundreds of complaints saying the suv slowed to nearly a stop while on the freeway. >>> if you are about to eat lunch you might want to wait. scientists saying a huge eyeball that washed up on a south florida beach could belong to a giant skid. the eye is the size of a softball. it appeared near ft. lauderdale wednesday. the blue pigment pretty rare and has created a buzz on the internet and among biologists. within professor believes it may have come from a deep sea squid or large swordfish. >> amazing to see that. you can see the perspective in the hands there. >> serve it up for lunch. >> no. >> from heavenly a little snow winter is back for now. i still think it is going to probably melt by the time you get there. the resort sent these photos the first snow of the season heavenly and kirkwood both received snow overnight. back at home southeast from south beach a few breaks starting to develop in the clouds, a little more sun as the afternoon unfolds farthe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2